Long awaited Mumbai-Goa Cruise Service to Begin Next Month! Yay!

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Long awaited Mumbai-Goa Cruise Service is set to Begin in December 2017!

We’re sure you cant keep calm now. Actually, There is no reason to stay calm. It’s time for Cruise!
Now there is One more reason to visit Goa As if we didn’t have enough reasons already 😉


Few Details:- 

Expected capacity- 300 people (Various other smaller options are expected too)
Journey duration- 7 hours (Approximately)
Price- Not Available yet. Economical options are expected.



The waterway route which will follow the Konkan coast is extremely scenic, it is going to be a fantastic ride with the pleasures of traveling by cruise alongside such beautiful route.


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Why Goa? Well, Goa has…
(and of course, PARTY!)

Go Goa!


Vikas Shah
Shah Vacations
9664 9664 36


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