The Leaf Jimbaran, Luxurious villa & spa retreat

Live like a king in a huge 1,937 Sq ft. One-Bedroom Private Villa with lavish 36 feet private pool or stay at the spacious Deluxe room at the award-winning hotel…

The Leaf Jimbaran, Luxurious villa & spa retreat.

No popular online/offline travel companies can match our price. We offer the lowest price for this hotel, throughout all the seasons of the year; during the entire year.

With this deal, Our goal is to make Luxury affordable for you! We bring Luxury within your reach.

When you book with Shah Vacations, You pay for 3* stay at 5*.

Plan of staying in a ‘budget’ hotel ends here. Spend within your budget and enjoy the most luxurious hotels in the world, it’s a Shah Vacations promise.

Call at 9664 9664 36 to know more.


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